Can you tell me about..


I love the design but I wanted different colours. Can I change them?

Since this is an instant download, changes to the design are not included.

What should I print on?

Any cardstock should do. You can find some pretty cardstocks from your local hobby store (single sheets or packages) or office supply store (packages), including some shimmery and metallic paper options.

I decided I didn’t want the file(s). Can I get a refund?

Due to the electronic nature of my work, I do not offer refunds once the order is completed.


Can I order any of your wedding stationery designs?

Unless shown in this shop, they are not currently available for purchase.

Can I buy the original file or template?

There are editable DIY files available. A link to access your template is sent via email within minutes of purchase. The link will take you to where you will edit online. Once complete, you’ll be able to download the print-ready file so that you can get it printed or print it yourself. Click here for instructions on how to edit the file.

Can you print for me?

Yes, only for listings that give an option to print. Details of print options are listed here.

What is bleed?

Bleed is a term used to describe when an image runs all the way to the edge of a trimmed page. If your design calls for image to extend to the edge of the paper, your image or color is “bleeding” off the page, and you need to build a bleed into the final file.

Can’t you just print to the edge of the paper?

No, printers cannot run ink to the very edge of the paper. If the design calls for image to run to the edge of the paper, the image has to be printed on a sheet of paper that is larger than the actual size of the finished product. The larger sheet of paper is then trimmed down to actual trim size. Bleed ensures that no slivers of white show at the paper’s edge on the final product.

How do I include a bleed into the design?

We use 1/8″ as our bleed size – 1/8″ of an inch excess all around the design. Let’s say you need a 4×6 postcard. The design is set up to be 4.25″ x 6.25″, this allows for .125″ all the way around. If you are adding an image to a design, your image should be sized to be 0.25″ larger on each side.